Providing for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (Students of Determination).

At DBF we are a fully inclusive school, which is in line with the Dubai Universal Access Code. We have our own dedicated inclusion team led by our SENDCO and Inclusion Champion who work closely with all members of staff on a graduated response to identify and remove barriers to learning:

  • Universal – All students will benefit from high-quality teaching and learning that is differentiated with on-going and timely assessments which inform any further provision need
  • Targeted Support – some students may benefit from small-group intervention
  • Specialist Support outside the school’s provision - specific targeted intervention for individuals with additional costs for specialist support met by the parents.

We work in partnership with Early Intervention Centres to develop systems to ensure the effective transition of young children who experience SEND into formal mainstream education settings.

We use the information gained from assessment upon entry and identification procedures to determine the type and level of support appropriate for each student, based upon their level of development and experience of SEND. We develop personalised individual education plans (IEPs) for students identified as experiencing SEND.

We make sure that students who experience SEND are actively supported to participate in the process of learning as they develop their potential, and build relationships with their peers, through social interactions in age-appropriate common learning environments.

Our school site is on one level and accessible according to the Dubai Universal Design Code. We are wheelchair friendly and able to support children with movement needs. DBF also has a new sensory room which is used throughout the day and for Occupational Therapy sessions.