Inspections & Accreditations

As part of Taaleem’s strategy of continuous improvement and self-evaluation, Taaleem requires each school to pursue accreditation from an independent accreditation body of institutions and academic specialists.

Accreditation is the process used to ensure that schools meet and maintain international standards of quality and integrity regarding academics, administration and related services.

All Taaleem schools apply to become accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), and some of our schools also attain authorisation and accreditation from the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), all global leaders in this field.

    British Schools Overseas

    BSO Penta International Outstanding in Every Category 2020Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation has been rated Outstanding by British Schools Overseas, whereby schools are inspected against a common set of standards that British schools overseas can choose to adopt. This inspection took place in 2020 and the team are extremely proud of achieving OUTSTANDING IN EVERY CATEGORY of inspection. 

    This inspection was completed by Penta International. Penta International is approved by the British Government for the purpose of inspecting schools overseas. As one of the leading inspection providers, Penta International reports to the English Department for Education (DFE) on the extent to which schools meet the standards for British Schools Overseas.

    The purpose of the inspection is to provide information to parents, teachers, senior managers and the school’s management on the overall effectiveness of the school, the standard of education it provides and its compatibility with independent schools in the United Kingdom.

    The inspection and report covers the key areas of quality of the curriculum; quality of teaching and learning; the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils; their welfare, health and safety; the suitability of the proprietor and staff; the school’s premises and the school's complaints procedures. An essential part of the inspection is considering the extent to which the British character of the school is evident in its ethos, curriculum, teaching, care for pupils and their achievements.

    DBF was so proud to have achieved not only an Outstanding overall rating but Outstanding in every category assessed.

    British Schools Middle East (BSME)

    Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation has now become the first Early Years school to be granted membership of British Schools Middle East (BSME). BSME is a quality-assured network that enables schools to share best practice and keep updated with the latest educational developments. It has an extensive professional development programme open to member schools.

    In order to become members, the organisation needs to formally verify that a school offers a British style education, that the curriculum is based on significant aspects of the National Curriculum for England and Wales and that all teaching staff, including the Principal, are suitably qualified and legally employed.

    Essentially, this means that the BSME is totally satisfied that the education at DBF is of a standard that would be found in leading UK schools. Membership is further recognition of the quality of education we provide.

    Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB)

    DBF stands as a true testament to extraordinary achievement and we are proud to have been rated 'Outstanding' by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), illuminating our commitment to nurturing young minds.

    A particular strength that shines bright within this recognition is the exceptional quality of provision, where attainment and progress are nothing short of outstanding. This accolade is a testament to the dedication of our teachers and the remarkable journey of growth that each child undertakes.

    Early Excellence


    Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation works closely with the latest advisory boards and experts from the UK and across the globe. Their main links are with Early Excellence who support us with training, tracking and the latest resources for the school. As well as carrying out an inspection in 2018, which rated the school Outstanding in almost all areas:

    Early Excellence | PDF (120KB)