At Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation, students have the option of bringing their own lunch or signing up for our hot lunch services, provided by Leela's Lunches.

The meal consists of a healthy mid-morning snack followed by a hot lunch, including an organic salad or fruit starter, and a balanced main course consisting of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

If you wish to bring a lunchbox to school please note that students will require a snack in the morning and lunch for the afternoon. 

Since our school caters for young children, please ensure that all food is well prepared (e.g. fruit is peeled and chopped if necessary and sandwiches are cut into manageable sizes).

Please ensure that cutlery is provided where needed and that all food and drink containers are child friendly i.e. the child can open and close them by themselves.

For further information please contact Leela's Lunches at [email protected] or call 052 445 5960