At DBF, we offer an enriched EYFS programme from the National Curriculum for England, designed to meet the unique and diverse educational and developmental needs of Dubai’s international and multi-cultural student population.

The National Curriculum for England is divided into ‘Key Stages’, with The Early Years Foundation Stage followed by Key Stage 1 and 2.


A detailed baseline assessment occurs when your child is first admitted to the school, whether entering at R3, FS1 or FS2.

Entry to DBF is dependent upon an assessment of your child’s readiness for school. All parents are given an appointment for their child to attend for assessment, once an online application has been made and the application fee has been paid.

The assessment of your child is conducted by an Early Years specialist and the information gathered forms an important part of the initial baseline assessment process.

All assessments are carried out in an enjoyable, play-based and fun manner, with an emphasis upon interacting with your child.

All parents are permitted to be present during the assessment. This can be extremely helpful, as this helps your child to feel comfortable in the environment and parents know their own child’s interests and strengths which can be brought into the session. This information is used to support your child with their settling into school, where the staff ensure your child’s interests and strengths are incorporated into the classroom which makes their transition as smooth as possible. If you are able to come to any of the other transition activities between your assessment and September please do. This means that when children officially start with us in September, they already feel at home.

Once your child is admitted to the school, there will be ongoing assessments made of your child’s progress, based on the observations of the specialist staff who work with your child. Effective assessment is achieved through skillful observation and assessment for learning (A4L) procedures rather than formal testing, in keeping with appropriate early years methodology and best practice.

This information is recorded using a UK-based, award-winning assessment system from Early Excellence. This is an online system where parents and staff and upload key aspect’s of a child’s learning journey, at home and school, to celebrate each child’s successes and next steps. This tracks each child on their EYFS goals, according to their actual age, as well as their ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ and wellbeing.

At the end of their time at DBF, we share a detailed picture of your child’s progress and attainment across the Foundation Stage through a personalised report, which comments upon your child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Goals. This information will be used to support your child’s smooth transition into Year One at DBSJP.

For the last two years in a row our students at DBF have scored above the highest performing Local Authorities in the UK.