Why Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation

Why Choose Us?

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation is a wonderful, family-centred, Early Years school that focuses on providing outstanding provision for children aged 2 1/2 to 5 years.

As a small, purpose-built facility which caters for Early Years, we are able to focus all our decision, training and the everyday running around children of this age. This means all our staff attend weekly training based around the latest practices in Education for children of this age and beyond. This unique opportunity within Dubai means that we are an incredibly happy school where all the families and staff feel part of the close community.

One parent recently described the feeling of walking into DBF as "...a warm fuzzy hug."

For many parents, the idea of sending their child to 'big school' is a daunting concept. Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation provides the perfect middle ground between a nursery and school environment.  DBF has highly experienced teachers that are degree level qualified as expected of a school, combined with the small, play-based environment of a nursery. This fantastic combination sets our children up for the perfect step into Year One, where the significant majority of our children transition to Dubai British School Jumeirah Park.

Our main focus is to ensure all our children have high levels of wellbeing and involvement within the classroom and track each child as an individual according to their chronological age (EXAAT). This system allows parents and school to support each child in their learning journey through a play-based, child-led environment. When leaving Dubai British Foundation at the end of FS2, children are assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Goals. For the last two years in a row, the school has scored higher than the best performing local authorities in the UK. 

In 2018, our school was inspected by Early Excellence Centre for Inspirational Learning from the UK and was given 3 Outstanding and 2 Very Good ratings. We are also the first and only Early Years School in Dubai. In 2020, our school was rated Outstanding by British Schools Overseas, whereby schools are inspected against a common set of standards that British schools overseas can choose to adopt.

Come and visit us to see for yourselves what a wonderful place DBF is to be! 

Our Vision and Mission Statement

  • Delivering educational excellence through bespoke facilities and highly qualified and committed teachers
  • Building strong partnerships with our families in a nurturing and caring environment
  • Fostering lifelong learners through a child centred approach, which celebrates the uniqueness of every child.

Learning at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park Foundation

We have opened a Rising 3s Class for children that are 3 years old between September to December of each year. Children attending this class will have a smooth and easy transition into FS 1. 

We also offer the Early Years Foundation Stage (FS 1 and 2) of the UK Curriculum. It concentrates on 7 areas, defined as prime and specific areas of learning.

Prime Areas of LearningSpecific Areas of Learning
Personal, social and emotional developmentExpressive arts and design
Communication and languageLiteracy
Physical developmentUnderstanding the world

Learning is constantly developed through play-based activities, centred around a range of child-led topics or themes.

All of the above seven areas of learning are interrelated and are not taught in isolation but in a cross-curricular fashion.

This ensures a well-rounded education for your child and learning with understanding and enjoyment.