Transition from FS2 to Year 1

As children move from Foundation Stage to Year 1 many navigate this change with ease, but for some parents and their children, this can be a daunting and stressful experience.

Simply moving from a Foundation Stage building and from familiar routines and teachers can be a challenge that causes much anxiety to many. During the transition process, children can experience a substantial shift in culture and face challenges that involve acclimatising to new environments, practitioners, peers, routines and levels of expectation.

The manner in which this transition takes place is thought by many to set the tone and direction of a child’s school career. Many educationalists feel strongly that a child who transits smoothly is set on a more positive school experience than that of the child who experiences a negative transition. The passage at this significant juncture, and how the situation is negotiated by school leaders, teachers and families may have a lasting influence on how children progress academically, socially and emotionally.

At DBF we are delighted to provide a transition programme from Foundation Stage to Year 1 that is extensively planned, cohesive, nurturing and reassuring to both children and to their parents. We know that a successful transition from FS2 to Year 1 enables children to adapt to new settings, quickly grasping teaching and learning methods, school processes and new rules and regulations thus enhancing their academic performance and most importantly ensuring their well-being in school.

It is widely acknowledged that the involvement of families is important to a child’s transition. At this critical point in the educational trajectory, which may determine failure or success, families significantly influence the transitioning process. Moving to Year 1 not only involves the child, but requires the whole family to make adjustments and adapt to change. DBF acknowledges that this transition not only involves the child, but requires the whole family to make changes which ensures a smooth and successful transition. The family’s contribution to this process is essential and one, which DBF, in collaboration with Dubai British School Jumeirah Park (DBSJP), ensures, is stress-free and fun.

A practised and well thought out transition calendar is organised each year in collaboration with the staff at DBSJP. This calendar lists a series of events and meetings that prepare children and their parents for this transition in a manner that caters for the individual needs of every child. It addresses the need to ensure that all children at DBF transition as confident and happy learners. We strive to achieve academic standards on leaving FS2 which exceed those expected on entry into

Year 1, thus ensuring the children go into their new class with a “can do” attitude, ready for any new academic challenges which are placed in front of them. We work diligently to develop every child’s social and emotional skills, ensuring that their self-esteem levels are high and their ability to make friends and adapt to new situations come easily to them.

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